June, 2021

10 Jun 21 - Asst Prof Immanuel Koh represents SUTD/Singapore at the CityX Virtual Italian Pavilion with project, “AI Sampling Singapore”

01 Jun 21 - Career Openings for Sustainable Urban Design

May, 2021

31 May 21 - Asst Prof Michael Budig featured in issue 4, Arup Research Review

31 May 21 - Fun apps and games to beat stay-home holiday blues

31 May 21 - A Smart Lamp That Watches Kids When They Study Is a Hit in China

31 May 21 - Asst Prof Immanuel Koh featured at the panel discussion of the AI-architects section of the Venice Architecture Biennale

26 May 21 - Why diplomatic events like the Shangri-La Dialogue cannot go virtual

22 May 21 - Asst Prof Michael Budig's 'Future Hybrid High-Rise Commune' project is on display at the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition

21 May 21 - Assistant Professor Berrak Sisman is serving as the Co-chair of The Young Female Researchers in Speech Workshop (YFRSW), INTERPSEECH 2021

18 May 21 - Asst Prof Sam Joyce published a book chapter in The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

14 May 21 - PhD Students of Assistant Professor Liu Jun, Li Tianjiao and Xu Li, are Runners Up for PREMIA Best Student Paper Awards 2021

14 May 21 - Assistant Professor Soujanya Co-authored Six Papers that are Listed by Web of Science as High Cited Papers

12 May 21 - Congratulations to Assistant Professor Soujanya Poria and Assistant Professor Berrak Sisman for Obtaining MOE AcRF Tier 2 Grant Call Funding

11 May 21 - M.Arch student works featured in article written by Asst Prof Sam Joyce for The Singapore Architect (Apr-Sep edition)

11 May 21 - Assistant Professor Sudipta Chattopadhyay accepted invitation to join Working Group to develop a Technical Reference for Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme for Consumer IoT Security

10 May 21 - Virtual ESD 2D Project Showcase 2021

06 May 21 - Congratulations to Asst. Prof Carlos Banon and AIRLab for clinching three international awards for A.I. Table

April, 2021

30 Apr 21 - Channel 8 News did a segment on electricity safety and interviewed SMT senior lecturer, Dr Teo Tee Hui for his opinions

14 Apr 21 - Straits Times, The future of engineering and architecture – where AI and design thinking converge. New degree programme to produce T-shaped AI talent

14 Apr 21 - Congratulations to Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan, ASD PhD candidate, for her appointment as President of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA), 2021-2023

13 Apr 21 - Congratulations to Assistant Professor Liu Jun and his PhD students Xu Li and Li Tianjiao for papers accepted by CVPR 2021

13 Apr 21 - Congratulations to Professor Zhou Jianying for Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Standards Council Commendation Award

05 Apr 21 - Dr Teo Tee Hui Featured on Capital 958FM on "Battery Recycling and Power Saving"

03 Apr 21 - To gather, together

02 Apr 21 - Asst. Prof Immanuel Koh is appointed Chair Assistant Professor of the Hokkien Foundation Career Professorship

March, 2021

26 Mar 21 - Dr Massimiliano Colla - Contribution to South East CDC new pilot programme

08 Mar 21 - Commentary: Tracking your child’s online activity should not be done covertly

08 Mar 21 - Overcoming the challenges women face in the wake of Covid-19 and digital disruption

04 Mar 21 - Ten outstanding M.Arch thesis featured on Dezeen online showcase

03 Mar 21 - When the mob rallies: The GameStop stock rush and complex contagions

02 Mar 21 - SMT Inaugural Newsletter

01 Mar 21 - Prof Carlos Banon features in DesignSingapore, 6th episode of #designspottingsg​

February, 2021

28 Feb 21 - Google survey: children face more online threats; Experts: parents should supervise moderately

26 Feb 21 - Congratulations to the SUTD Award Winners

26 Feb 21 - Asst. Prof Sam Joyce shares his views of green buildings for Channel NewsAsia, The Climate Conversations podcast

26 Feb 21 - Good News! Google Launches A New Supervised Experience On YouTube For Older Kids

25 Feb 21 - Dr Tan Da Yang Receives SMP Outstanding Mentor Award

22 Feb 21 - Dover Forest case: Levelling the playing field between development and conservation

21 Feb 21 - Asst Prof Immanuel Koh presents on 'AI & Architectural Design’ at FIU’s Doctor of Design (DDes) Program Lectures

19 Feb 21 - Gradshow 6: Multiplicity features on Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL) newsletter, Feb issue, Falling Forward

18 Feb 21 - Threat modeling tool to improve security for smart nation applications

17 Feb 21 - Congratulations to M.Arch alumni Ng Wen Qi on her achievements at Nippon Asia Young Designer Awards 2020

10 Feb 21 - Lecturer Dr. Jason Lim features on Singapore Tatler

10 Feb 21 - Winner of IPS Nanotechnology Medal

09 Feb 21 - Cyber risks for S'pore kids up during pandemic: Poll

08 Feb 21 - Best Paper Award at the 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-21)

05 Feb 21 - Congratulations to ASD students, Ian Soon and Benedict Tan, for clinching an honourable mention at the competition 'Accelerate The City'!

02 Feb 21 - Future of Us Pavilion has clinched the 2020 IDA Design Award - Bronze in the professional category of Architecture

02 Feb 21 - MSSD student Kai Ren Teo won best student paper award at IEEE 2021 Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing (DSC)

01 Feb 21 - Congratulations to Asst Profs Michael Budig and Kenneth Tracy for clinching A'Design Award 2020

January, 2021

31 Jan 21 - No Farm No Foul

31 Jan 21 - Terror at a click

31 Jan 21 - When is it 'cultural appropriation' v appreciation?

26 Jan 21 - Congratulations to Prof Eva Castro & Plasma Studio's project for being nominated to the Building of the Year 2021 by Archdaily

26 Jan 21 - Co-directors of ASD Gradshow 6, Benjamin Chong and Naomi Bachtiar, explain the show concept in d+a article

25 Jan 21 - Assistant Professor Soujanya Poria appointed as Associate Editor of the Neurocomputing Journal

22 Jan 21 - Simulation Modelling and Analysis Course Project Showcase 2020

12 Jan 21 - SUTD Develops New Model of Influence Maximization

06 Jan 21 - Women in Tech – What must change and why

05 Jan 21 - Commentary: Letting a robo-adviser decide how to invest your money is a double-edged sword