Archi(fu)ture Design Challenge 2022
Dates: 13 to 15 January 2022
Time: 9AM to 7PM

Calling all students who are interested to experience the unique and fun approach of learning in SUTD’s Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) programme. Come and learn about how Architecture and Sustainability can go hand-in-hand to address one of the most pressing global issues of our generation: climate change.

Through this 3-day workshop conducted by SUTD’s professors and guided by our student facilitators, participants will

learn about the creative process that goes behind designing buildings
have a chance to design your own modular treehouse
be taught the necessary skills to experience the digital work supplementing your creation process.

This event is only open to students aged between 16 to 21 who are either currently enrolled in or have just graduated from high schools or Polytechnics in Singapore, or are current NSFs. Participants have to be residing in Singapore as this workshop is expected to take place physically at SUTD campus.

As spaces are limited, please make sure that you are able to fully commit to the 3-day programme before registering your interest.

Closing date: 2 January 2022 or when spaces are filled up, whichever is earlier.

Archi(fu)ture Design Challenge 2022