As recipient of the President’s Design Award 2020, Assistant Professor Carlos Banon is invited to speak at the President*s Design Award 2020 Recipients’ Forum Part 2, “Creating a Better World by Design – The Transformative Power of Design”.

About this event

In Part 2 of the President*s Design Award (P*DA) 2020 Recipients’ Forum, five of the P*DA 2020 recipients will share how their designs have sparked economic, cultural and community transformation. Get insights into how two of the projects have elevated Singapore on the world stage by reimagining the future of construction and civic spaces. Learn how the power of visual communications was harnessed to drive home the message of the culture of convenience, educate youths on complex topics such as fake news and climate change, and nurture Singapore’s design scene.

This transformative power of design is at the heart of the P*DA.

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