Mycelium composites are being named a promising bio-fabricated material that is in line with a Cradle-to-Cradle approach and present environmental and sustainable possibilities that are in stark contrast to the exhaustive chain of extraction, processing, and subtractive shaping characteristic of current building materials. Bio-fabrication of materials opens up novel opportunity for designers to innovate the functional possibilities of the designed output through variations in fabrication processes. Literature has seen an increased interest in this emerging material design practice that has recently been defined as Growing Design. Our research work expands on the definition of this emerging material design practice, to engage digital design and fabrication procedures in the intersection of biology, craft and design. The seminar will present work on the cultivation of this new material type – knitted textile mycelium composite that has the capability to augment final material composite properties and provide formal freedom to designers. The seminar will also present a strategy for topologically interlocking mycelium composites assembly system that allows for the integration of repair and replacement procedures as part of a building life cycle.

About the Speaker

Christine Yogiaman is an Assistant Professor in Architecture and Sustainable Design at SUTD where she develops and coordinates interdisciplinary design courses. As Co-director of Dynamic Assemblies Lab, her work explores design applications such as biomaterial fabrication, Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation, and interactive architectural surfaces. In addition to academic work Christine is also a partner at Yogiaman Tracy Design, a consultancy that creates installations and designs buildings.

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