The NUS-SUTD Inter varsity Architecture Debate is back! Join us this Saturday as we examine what the Post Covid-19 world entails – must we de-densify the cities of today?

The Architecture Society (TAS) and SUTDIO would like to invite you to join in our annual TAS Inter-Varsity Debate between architecture students from NUS and SUTD.The Inter-Varsity Debates is a student-organised event by TAS and SUTDIO that aims to further architectural discourse in Singapore, and create a space for students, professors and practitioners to engage in debate about the pertinent issues within the field.

This year, the debate motion is:
“We must de-densify the cities of today”

In the Post Covid-19 world, density is an inherent flaw of cities which exacerbate disease spread and other problems. While the dichotomy of the rural/ urban divide has been a divisive topic since the dawn of the industrial revolution, the rise of technological augmentations such as telecommunications in today’s world has allowed for the generation of new urbanisms which reduce the benefits of urban density. Thus, to reduce strain on healthcare, resource networks, and ecological networks, it is time to look towards the de-densification of our cities.

Event Details:
1 Aug 2020
1300 HRS to 1500 HRS
Zoom Link:
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Ms Fun Siew Leng, Chief Urban Designer. URA
Prof. Heng Chye Kiang, NUS
Prof. Christine Yogiaman, SUTD

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Prof. Calvin Chua
Calvin Chua works at the intersection of design, planning and advocacy. He leads Spatial Anatomy, a design practice that develops spaces, objects and strategies for cities. In parallel, Calvin serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at SUTD, leading design studios on resilient urban peripheries. Complementing built projects, Calvin engages the wider design community through curating exhibitions, including the Seoul Biennale. Calvin has also written on topics relating to urbanism, adaptive reuse and modernist heritage for various publications. A registered architect in the UK, Calvin graduated from the AA School of Architecture.

Nicholas Lim
Nicholas is a third-year architecture student in SUTD. He is overwhelmed but eager to sink his teeth into the infinity of ideas in the world. He embraces discussion of all topics and is excited at the upcoming debate to gain new perspective and knowledge of the architectural world.

Valent Tan
Valent is a second-year student in Singapore University of Technology and Design and will be majoring in Architecture and Sustainable Design in the following semester. In his first year of university, Valent took on the role as project director for PARK(ing) Day; a street closure event to turn parking lots into public spaces. Valent is also the president of SUTDio, a club that aims to introduce students to architecture through workshops, arts and craft. Prior to his university studies, Valent has worked as an environmental and sustainability designer, and architect’s assistant.

National University of Singapore

Prof. Tay Kheng Soon
Tay Kheng Soon was SIA President, SIA Gold Medallist, Adj. Prof Nus Architecture,and a self appointed public educator on ideology, philosophy, humanisation, social, cultural and environmental justice. He encourages design thinking at every scale from micro to meso to macro, as he believes that Architecture thinking is just too small to be significant. He therefore urges total 4D physical and psychological spatial design.

Yeap Seong Kee
Seong Kee is a recent graduate from NUS who is struggling to find employment amidst the pandemic. During normal times, she loves going around different places to feel the rhythm of life, to see how architecture supports and enhances daily life. Because she believes that users should be architecture’s main focus, she often questions if form deserves the primacy it enjoys. But since the pandemic is still ongoing while its ramifications are far from over, the mantra everywhere and perniciously in the back of her mind is the bread and the norm, the bread and the norm, the bread and the norm…

Christopher Chew
Christopher is a Year 1 architecture student at the National University of Singapore. An urban-planning enthusiast, he sees the urban problems, compounded by Covid-19, as a design problem and one which can be resolved through architecture. A supporter of re-adaptive architectural approaches, he believes that the strength of architecture lies not in its stylistic innuendos but in its ability to remake its relevance across time and space. Having participated actively in urban planning competitions and discourse, he looks forward to a robust exchange of ideas, which he hopes can contribute to the reshaping of the urban in a post-covid world.