Mention cybersecurity and you would think of exploits, cybersecurity tools, hacks, cryptographic algorithms, etc. But what does cybersecurity mean when it’s applied to the Telecommunications domain? Is it just another day of using Nessus to scan for vulnerabilities? Or using Metasploit to unload a payload to prove exploitability? What are the skills that would make a good Telco Security Specialist? What if I don’t already have these skills? Come find out what IMDA does to help ensure that the telecoms network in which the local Internet relies on is secure and why this is important to the Singapore.

Speaker Profile

Alex Toh
Senior Manger (Malware Analyst)
Monitoring & Operations Command, IMDA

Alex Toh has been in the Public Service for 7 years working in IMDA and previously IDA. He was involved in investigations of various computer intrusions and discovering of vulnerabilities. In his journey, he had opportunities to work on malware analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and cyber threat intelligence and hunting.

Currently, Alex focuses on threat assessments and reversing in addition to his typical malware analysis role.

Shan Chng
Telcom Cybersecurity Engineering & Specialist Office, IMDA

Shan Chng has been in the Public Service for 6 years, starting in IDA and with the re-organisation of IDA and IMDA, I am now in IMDA. Having more than 10 year of experience in IT security, prior to serving the public services, I worked in several different organisation such as the Financial Institution, Manufacturing and SME. My experience ranges from cyber security strategy, risk assessments, policy and standard management, provisioning of security advices to IT project and security awareness.

Under IMDA’s Telecommunication Cyber Security Roadmap, I am assigned to the Cyber Security Engineering and Specialist Office. Currently, my work area mainly involved in cyber security projects, from the project conceptualisation to deployment.