Artificial Intelligent (AI) is the key innovation driving force behind industry 4.0 (automations through Connectivity, Data and Machine Learning). AI bring many benefits such as improving the sales by predicting its consumer buying behaviour. AI also improve the way we perform our daily work by automating the many business processes through the use of RPA, natural language processing, computer vision, “next best actions” predictive modelling and more. In order to fully harness the power of AI, we must “democratise AI” into every inch of the companies value chain.

The session will illustrate the journey, approaches, skillsets and AI MLOps platform used to achieve AI Democratization in an organization. I will also share the challenges faced and how we use NCS AI Centre of Excellence (COE) framework to train and scale up the workforce (Citizen Data Scientist) behind the democratisation exercise. The sharing will be based on real industry experience.

Speaker’s Profile

Alvin Ng brings together with him 20+ years of regional IT industry experience as a practitioner in driving Digital Transformation (DX) projects across Banks & Government. He was a management consultant for Finance & Risk and also an Intelligent Engineering technology program director while in Accenture Singapore. Prior to this, he was a Cognitive Solution Architect in IBM Watson Group with focus on Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Document Capture. Now, Alvin lead the As-as-a-Service Practice in NCS Singapore. He lead a team of data scientists and developed a MLOps platform on Azure cloud.