With the infrastructure projects becoming increasingly complex there is an imminent need for stringent and real-time monitoring of various parameters. From geotechnical instruments to machines like TBM. From environment data to tracking people. There are highly sophisticated sensors available at our disposal to track the minutest of activities on any project. Analyzing those not only makes infrastructures safe but also identifies bottlenecks for increased efficiency. Despite using wireless communication every single day of our lives, it remains the biggest challenge to use on mega-scale infrastructure projects and yet is the key technology that can help it. In this talk, we’d discuss how infrastructure monitoring has evolved with the introduction of the latest wireless standards and what the future holds.

Speaker’s Profile

Mobashir Mohammad is the Co-founder and CTO of Ackcio, a Singapore based start-up that provides a wireless solution for industrial monitoring applications. Mobashir has a Ph.D. in Wireless Networking and IoT. He has close to a decade of experience in designing and implementing scalable wireless communication protocols that solve the interference problem that plagues IoT connectivity.