Every airport development project has a masterplan. Part of the plan will include how the airfield and terminal buildings are designed or expanded to cater for future growth. While AutoCAD has been used for decades to create architectural and engineering drawings, every industry has progressed into some form of 3D and even virtual reality. Airport building design is not different and various software packages exist to support the design process and integrate architectural features with engineering requirements for the building. This talk will demonstrate how virtual reality in building design has also helped to improve the creation of iconic passenger terminal buildings and innovate the design process while at the same time, allowing designers and engineers from different parts of the world to better communicate with each other regarding the design. This also contributes to detecting errors at early stages and thus prevents costly redesigns resulting in unnecessary delays. After all, good design means half the work!

About the Speaker

Mr. Michael Portier is deputy director of Aviation in Surbana Jurong. He is involved in several projects of the Changi T5 development programme and leads a team of engineers covering aerodrome operations and safety, and programme risk management. He is also an adjunct lecturer at SUTD teaching Airport Systems Planning and Design (40.320) and one of the pioneers of the new aviation focus track. With almost 20 years of overseas experience in aviation and 4 years in Singapore, Mr. Portier has successfully completed many projects in the field of air traffic management, airport operations, safety, aviation environment, aviation economics and information management. Over the years, he managed to grow from a technical job position into a supervising role as an international project manager with technical content, who knows how to deal with problems, interface with team members of different cultural backgrounds and achieve satisfying results. In addition, he has had the opportunity to work for and inside different aviation organisations (like research institute NLR, the Netherlands Ministry of Transport and other ministries, ATC the Netherlands, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Lufthansa and aviation consulting), allowing him to see the different perspectives of various aviation subjects and better understand the playing field of the aviation industry.

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