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EPD Lecture Series in partnership of The James Dyson Foundation


Our global reputation is priceless, and it always hangs on what we do next. Dyson is a unique technology enterprise, and we are compelled to solve the problems that other ignore with inventions that turns convention on its head. Crucially, we excite people with better ideas and unexpected new technologies.

Not bound by the rules of conventional thinking, Dyson’s Research, Design and Development (ROD) people are dedicated to inventing and improving Dyson machines and are relentlessly obsessed by performance.

Join us as we discuss Dyson’s end-to-end product development design cycle and how we drive innovation and time to market using the Dyson SupersonicTM as a case study

About the Speaker

Graeme McPherson is the Head of Category (RDD Haircare) at Dyson, he is now based in Singapore leading the Dyson Supersonic project and working with over 100 engineers to bring some new technologies to life…you’ll have to wait and see what’s next.

Graduated from Loughborough University, UK with a master of Engineering Design, Graeme started his engineering career designing motor cruiser. In 2006, Graeme joined Dyson as a Design Engineer working on floorcare and Ball Technology. Then he moved to Environmental Control team to explore other possibilities in applying Air-Multiplier technology.

When he is not in the RDD center, you will often find him sweating in the yoga studio.