In the academic world, researchers often talk about ‐ and are measured on ‐ the impact of their research and importantly their research publications. So if your publications are your dollars how can you make sure that your dollar goes further? As a Nature editor with many years of experience, I will give some insight into how editors in high impact journals make their decisions regarding publication. I even hope to give the audience an opportunity to think like a Nature editor. But I will also discuss various other strategies which go beyond aiming for the “big” journals and which you can use to make sure your research publications and research skills have the greatest impact.

Speaker Profile

Rosamund Daw has been a senior manuscript editor for the international science journal Nature for more years than she cares to remember. Prior to that she achieved a degree and PhD in materials engineering from the University of Sheffield in the UK and carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Washington Department of Bioengineering in the USA. She has handled submissions across many subfields of materials science over the years at Nature and currently handles papers mostly in the fields of structural materials, mechanical properties, materials processing, materials characterization and biomaterials. She is a big fan of interdisciplinary research. Ros has also been a freelance writer for various technical and mainstream outlets.

Twitter: @ros_daw.