8 ESD and 4 ISTD students participated in the 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modelling (MCM) organized by COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, and achieved the following results:

  • Liu Xinyu (ESD), Tan Kwan Fu (ESD) and Zhang Jiaxuan (ISTD) was awarded “Meritorious Winner”
  • Jiang Tao (ESD), Wang Yujia (ISTD) and Guo Yuanjing (ISTD) was awarded “Honourable Mention”
  • Wang Delin (ESD), Wang Shuo (ESD) and Qin Lang (ESD) were awarded “Honourable mention”
  • Tian Haiyan (ESD), Qiao Rui (ISTD) and Su Qiulin (ESD) was awarded “Successful Participation”

Congratulations to the students for their outstanding achievements!