Congratulations to ESD students, Keerthana Janmugam and Sarah Ong, Glenn Chia (ISTD student), Wilson Lim Wei Sheng (EPD student), Ang Wei Jie (EPD student) and Leong Kei Sheng (EPD student) for winning the 2019 National Winner of the James Dyson Award. Their project “Wheelson” is an intuitive bicycle attachment that improves cyclists’ safety while carrying heavy loads which is common for those doing grocery shopping.

Details of the project can be found using the link below :

From L-R: Sarah Ong (ESD), Ang Wei Jie (EPD), Leong Kei Sheng (EPD), Keerthana Janmugam (ESD), Glenn Chia (ISTD), Wilson Lim Wei Sheng (ISTD)

This is Wheelson: