Straits Times featured the AirMesh light sculpture that is on display at Gardens by the Bay. The structure was designed and built by SUTD AirLab led by Assistant Professor Carlos Banon.


The AirMesh light sculpture on display at Gardens by the Bay on Tuesday. This lantern-inspired pavilion designed by lecturers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design invites visitors to explore different perspectives of the Gardens, depending on where they stand within the structure.

A reinterpretation of the traditional lantern, AirMesh is the first structure in Singapore made out of 3D-printed stainless steel that complies with building codes and is inhabitable for people.

The structure was designed using a custom parametric tool that optimises the topology of the frame, the section of the bars and the geometry of the node with the objective of creating the most efficient structural design. As a result, the structure presents the optimal configuration and distribution of material where mechanically needed.

The pavilion consists of 216 bars of different lengths and sections, and 54 unique nodal joints printed in a steel and bronze alloy. It can also withstand loads 16 times its weight.