Plasticity, Thesis by ASD Alumna Clara Chow Khoi Rong, is featured in publication Landscape Architecture Frontiers (LAF).

Landscape Architecture China , a series of publications which was first published in 2008 and has since released 26 issues, is a topic-oriented academic landscape architecture journal which has won its reputation in both domestic and overseas. Landscape Architecture Frontiers (LAF) is the latest addition to this series. It is hosted by GSLA (Graduate School of Landscape Architecture) of Peking University, with Prof. Kongjian Yu acting as the editor-in-chief.

Plasticity takes on the issue of sustainability in face of rising sea level and plastic waste.
The world’s coasts are increasingly urbanised, with populations of one to ten million people located near ocean coastlines.

Coastal settlements have always been attractive due to its provision of critical inputs to industries. However, inadequate waste disposal management has also, unfortunately, resulted in the pollution of our seas from many of these cities.

Clara Chow Khoi Rong’s project aims to employ plastics found in rivers; to mechanise the landscape to collect them, in order to allow for the building of a plastic-city that is resilient to adversities of climate change in the future.

Clara’s project was also awarded the top 10 in Virtual Design Festival organised by, a prestigious global design website that features the best Architecture and Design works around the world.

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