A heartiest congratulations to Associate Professor Chong Keng Hua for his appointment by SIA as Festival Director for Archifest 2020.

ARCHIFEST will be held from 25th September to 31st October 2020, with theme “Architecture Saving Our World”.

“Architecture Saving Our World” is not about grand architecture or the magnificence of architecture, but about new ideas and responsible designs that benefit our ecology and humanity – climate change, public health, social equity and cultural continuity. These are its concern. Some of these have yet to make their way into mainstream architecture, but there is no lack of the spirit of ‘creative activism’ within the profession creating concepts and postulations.

SINGAPORE ARCHIFEST 2020 seeks to bring forth this spirit and show how architecture is the medium to discuss and that it contains the power to have high impact and ultimately save our world.

Precautionary measures will be taken during the festival to ensure the safety of all visitors, participants and partners. Changes if any will be updated by SIA nearer the festival.