Straits Times featured the various winners of the President’s Design Awards 2020, which includes the AirMesh Pavilion by SUTD’s AirLab and the article included quotes by ASD Assistant Professor Carlos Bañón


SINGAPORE – The President’s Design Award for Design of the Year projects are evaluated on the creativity and originality of the design ethos, design research, aesthetics and craftsmanship, and impact of design in one or more of four areas.

These include enabling economic transformation; raising quality of life; advancing Singapore’s brand, culture and community; and ground-breaking achievements in design.

Of the 129 entries received for the 2020 awards, 38 design and architecture projects were shortlisted for Design of the Year. The architecture discipline is administered by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, while the other disciplines are administered by the DesignSingapore Council.

AirMesh Pavilion

Perched on a grassy patch at Gardens by the Bay is the AirMesh Pavilion, which is constructed entirely out of 3D-printed stainless-steel components and glows in the dark. It is the first such structure in the world, created with 54 bespoke nodes and 216 bars of different lengths and sections which demonstrate new possibilities between technology and design.

The precise digital customisation resulted in a shorter construction time and no material wastage. It is created by AirLab or Architectural Intelligence Research Lab, a multidisciplinary research laboratory established at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). AirLab’s director and founder Carlos Banon is an assistant professor of architecture and sustainable design at SUTD.

“The pavilion reinterprets a traditional Chinese lantern. This small pavilion unlocks immense possibilities for sustainable construction and future architectural designs such as transport hubs, large-span roofs and even skyscrapers,” says Prof Banon.