Assistant Professor Sudipta Chattopadhyay collaborated with SingHealth to introduce a real-world problem statement to students from his class – Elements of Software Construction (50.003) course. The project description was provided by SingHealth and the students worked together in teams during Term 5 to implement the software application. Upon completion of their projects, SingHealth shortlisted the top five groups from the class to present their project application to SingHealth’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Retail Shared Services. These five project teams were ranked according to their merits and awarded prize monies sponsored by SingHealth.

Through the project journey it had been a fruitful learning opportunity and growth for our students, the experience had been beneficial in developing problem solving skills, project planning and teamwork, as well as showcasing relevant knowledge in a real-world situation. On SingHealth’s end, they were able to conduct trial runs in one or two of its institutions, to put the app into use while conducting routine audits. In addition, UX flow/interface developed can be used by SingHealth for any future possible development. We are pleased with the outcome and shall look forward to have such win-win collaboration in our future classes.