Congratulations to Asst. Prof Oliver Heckmann and team for clinching the Cities of Love Award!

Winning project: TROPICAL TYPOLOGY ‐ Climate‐Responsive Passive Design Strategies for Tropical High‐Density Housing

Project members: Prof Oliver Heckmann, Prof J. Alstan Jakubiec, Max Doelling, Vedashree Jathar, Ramkumar Thambiraj

This winning entry establishes an evidence-based typology that provides designers with a knowledge base about how to effectively design low-energy, passive architecture in the tropics. It identifies climate-responsive layout strategies and adapts them to be applicable for stacked floor plan layouts in high-density tropical contexts such as Singapore.

Cities of Love Award (COLA) is a sustainability award that brings together the best and brightest from across the green community to celebrate the projects at individual, teams and organization levels. These projects seek to shape Cities of Love!