Congratulations to Ar. Bianca Su Fen Gill from M.Arch Class of 2016 for successfully completing and passing Singapore Board of Architect’s Professional Practice Examination. She is the first from SUTD to gain this prestigious title of a Qualified Architect. Heartiest congratulations once again to Bianca for her achievement!

Bianca shares her journey below.

“To all my fellow friends pursuing Architecture in SUTD, enjoy the process of learning, experimenting and failing. We embark on this journey for different reasons but never lose sight of your purpose.”

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” These wise words from Sir Winston Churchill beautifully sum up my journey in obtaining my Practising Certificate as a Qualified Architect. My late grandfather was a great story teller who happened to design and build affordable low cost housings as Chief of Housing Board in Malaysia and later became Chief of Human Settlements Division in ESCAP, United Nations where he was invited by mostly third world countries around the world to advise on possible improvements to their housing issues. One of my favourite stories was his visit to China in 1981 for a conference to understand the state of living and how his team can contribute. He saw the ideological and cultural challenges as the beauty of Architecture; being able to empathise for the people we are designing for. That sparked my love for Architecture. There will be obstacles faced in different Projects but whenever the challenges ahead seem insurmountable, what kept me going was to remember why I do what I do and the conviction that my work as an Architect can make the world a more inclusive place to live in.

Ar. Bianca Su Fen Gill from M.Arch Class of 2016