We are proud to share that ASD students, Ian Soon and Benedict Tan, has clinched an honourable mention at the competition ‘Accelerate The City’ for their Option Studio project, Cyborg Ecologies, mentored by Prof Eva Castro.

The Accelerate The City competition invited designers across the world to engage in an effort to design a more resilient urban future. It received more than 120 entries from over 16 countries.

Ian and Benedict’s project explores new ways that humans can operate within the deepening anthropocene, challenging the ontological positions that take for granted a benevolent nature. Examining the sociopolitical and environmental conditions surrounding exploited workers in Thailand’s waste industries, the project addresses the twofold conundrum of the vulnerability of coastal settlements to rising sea levels as well as the issue of undocumented workers.

Read more about their project at https://bubblefutures.com/cyborg-ecologies/