We are pleased to share that our PhD student, Garbelini Matheus Eduardo, who is a member of ASSET research group (https://asset-group.github.io/), has just won the Intel Bug Bounty Award for his work to enable discovering two Intel AX200 attacks. Matheus’ related work, under the umbrella of BrakTooth family (https://asset-group.github.io/disclosures/braktooth/), has been receiving quite a number of attentions, and the Bug Bounty Award from semiconductor giant Intel is certainly a big recognition. The Intel Bug Bounty Award is given for security researchers that discover and report flaws in Intel products. Matheus has been awarded USD 3,000 for each of the Intel AX200 attacks under BrakTooth family, resulting a total award value of USD 6,000.

Reference URL on the BrakTooth discovery: