During Minister Ong’s visit to SUTD in October 2018, he expressed keen interest and played the chromatic scale on the handmade electric guitar that was designed by SUTD student, Leong Kei Sheng, as part of the Term 2’s Physics project during his freshmore year. It was later found out that Minister Ong is an avid guitar player hence a brand new handmade electric guitar was made by the same student, to be presented to Minister Ong as a gift during SUTD 10th Anniversary Celebration.

To prove that Faraday’s Law, a concept taught in the Physics course, is responsible for the sound reproduction of the electric guitar, a pickup was hand-coiled by Kei Sheng about 4000 turns (typical pickups > 10,000 turns) with 0.055mm diameter wire, to simulate an infinitely thin wire coil required for the simplified Faraday’s Law to hold.