Our heartiest congratulations to Professor Tony Quek for his new appointment as Director of Future Communications Research and Development Programme (FCP). We are pleased to share the extracted news below from the website of University of Oulu, Finland (https://www.oulu.fi/en/news/finnish-led-international-6g-technology-cooperation-expands-singapore):

Singapore announced the first national Future Communications Research & Development Programme (FCP) and S$70 million investment in it. The national Future Communications Research & Development Programme is a part of Singapore’s solutions for building a more resilient digital economy. Collaboration with 6G Flagship is Singapore’s first international partnership under the FCP. The partnership is implemented by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in Singapore. Director of the FCP, Professor Tony Quek of SUTD says:

As a host of the FCP, SUTD will lead and collaborate with world leading research institutions and institutions of higher learning to strengthen Singapore’s 5G ecosystem and accelerate the research and translation of future communication technologies.

6G Flagship is funded by the Academy of Finland and the University of Oulu for 2018−2026. Cooperation with Singapore is a part of the expansion of 6G Flagship’s international ecosystem.

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