Student Winner for Paypal Women Luminaries Programme and creator of Deja Vu mobile game, Melissa

Congratulations to our student Melissa who was awarded Paypal Women Luminaries Programme. She was also the creator of Deja Vu mobile game, which is available in IOS and Android version for free download.

Deja Vu is a memory puzzle game designed to improve player’s cognitive abilities. The motivation behind Deja Vu was Melissa’s initial drive to experiment her programming skills. She wanted to challenge herself to work on an actual project by herself so that she will be involved in all the development process. Melissa decided that the game had to be a meaningful one, that can have a positive impact on our society, no matter how trivial. She decided to make a memory game that can improve player’s cognitive abilities and included some trivia in the game to raise awareness on memory disorders.

Being an SUTD student has not only equip Melissa with the required programming skills as a developer but also other critical assets an engineer should have such as design thinking and problem-solving skills. In the end, Melissa was able to develop the game on her own, from the ideation process to making the game assets and programming it. In the future, she would like to apply her skills and knowledge to embark in a larger-scale product and utilize technology to make a bigger impact to the community.

We wish her success in her future endeavours!