Ten proposals by our M.Arch students have been featured on Dezeen’s online showcase. Congratulations!

Ten sustainable architecture proposals by SUTD students

Sustainable Design for a Better World is the theme on which students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design based the projects in this school show, tackling issues like wildfire resilience, land scarcity and electronic waste.

The projects in this digital showcase were completed by those in the Architecture and Sustainable Design studio, as part of the university’s Master of Architecture programme.

“Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is pleased to present exemplary student work from the recent graduating class of December, 2020. These Master of Architecture students, while enrolled in the Architecture and Sustainable Design program, have embarked upon investigative architectural projects that address salient needs of multiple levels of societies in serious need of shelter, stability and architectural solutions. Concerned students represented in this sampling demonstrate the intellectual rigour and care which Singapore University of Technology and Design theoretical Master of Architecture projects embody.

“These 10 proposed architectural solutions strive to help humankind in Southeast Asia and across the globe. The thinking, planning, digital drawing and visionary solutions demonstrate how a Master of Architecture student’s mind matures while mentored in the Architecture Sustainable Design program at SUTD” – Daniel Whittaker, senior lecturer.

View the showcase at https://www.dezeen.com/2021/03/04/singapore-university-technology-design-architecture-masters-school-shows/.