With the recent advances in AI, many companies have started to build products to solve the problems that could not previously be solved by machines. However, building a product powered by AI is very different from building other products and services. One of the main challenges is finding and developing the right team to put AI into production, and many companies are still struggling to do this effectively. In this talk, Angus Kong, director of AI at Appier, will share Appier’s experience of how it has overcome obstacles along the way to developing an AI-powered product.


Angus Kong is a Director of AI at Appier, where he grows and leads the research and engineering teams in Singapore to build and launch AI technology in Appier’s products.

Before Appier, Angus worked at Google AI as a tech lead, and in the Google Android team as a lead architect. At Google AI, Angus helped his teams push a state-of-the-art NLP deep learning model into products including Google Assistant, GMail and more. He also helped his team publish the model externally to move humans a step forward to “singularity”. On the Google Android team, Angus applied the highest engineering standards to lead the design of the Google Camera app to achieve the best user experience. He helped the team integrate Google’s HDR+ and Panorama technology into the Google Camera app and later make the technology available to all Android users.

Angus is an AI believer and implementer who likes to see AI technology used in practice. He is also a photographer, and a proud father of two daughters.