Graphene has been touted as the wondrous material of the 21st century. It is highly praised for its extraordinary electronic, optical, mechanical and chemical properties. The graphene’s extraordinary properties in electronics and optics is claimed to manifest itself in “2-dimensional Dirac nature”. This implies contribution from both graphene’s Dirac electronic band structure and material dimensionality. The contribution that influence on each material property or device performance is often not being clearly identified. With the discovery of 3-D Dirac Semimetals, delineation of contributions could now be better understood. In this talk, Nonlinear Dirac Plasmonics will be used as a case study to illustrate clear distinction between effects of Dirac nature and ma dimensionality.

Speaker Profile

Kelvin Ooi holds position of Assistant Professor with Xiamen University Malaysia, in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He received his BEng and PhD degrees from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at Singapore University of Technology and Design, attached to SUTD-MIT International Design Centre and as Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities. He has worked on projects of various disciplines ranging from integrated optics design for optical computing, data transmission to daylighting technologies for sustainable architecture design.

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