Control of transport at nano-scale is key to design future chips, thermoelectric and spintronic devices as well as quantum computers. One particular class of systems, that has received particular attention are diodes, i.e. systems for which current flows preferentially in one direction compared to another. Quantum features play an important role in transport properties of the diodes. In this talk, Dr. Vinitha will present two of their proposed models of rectifiers in quantum spin systems. The first one uses a segmented XXZ spin chain with strong interactions to create a perfect spin diode. The rectifying effect is explained in terms of matching of the spectrum of magnon excitations between the two halves of the chain. In the second model, they use quantum interference effects in quasiperiodic potentials to guide the heat transport. Using Aubry-André-Harper model, they show that strong rectification can be obtained in the presence of a bulk mobility edge.

Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Vinitha Balachandran is currently post-doctoral research fellow in Asst. Prof. Dario Poletti’s group in Science and Math Cluster. Her research expertise is in quantum transport for applications in thermoelectricity and quantum computers and in many body computational physics. She obtained PhD from Physics Department, National University of Singapore under the supervision of Prof. Gong Jiangbin. After PhD, she did post doctoral research with Prof. Giulio Casati and Prof. Giuliano Benenti at University of Insubria, Italy. In 2015, she joined SUTD as a post-doc.