About Science and Math Cluster


The Science Cluster is deeply committed to the development and advancement of Freshmore Math and Science education at SUTD. The Science Cluster comprises – close to 20 affiliated faculty members with expertise in Chemistry, Physics, Math, Biology, and Engineering. Despite the diversity in academic and research backgrounds, faculty members are bound together by the common goal of providing first-year SUTD undergraduates with a firm yet broad knowledge base in the fundamentals of Math and Science.

By providing a dynamic platform for faculty members with intersecting interests to exchange ideas, the Science Cluster also contributes to the development of innovative courses and teaching pedagogies that underscore the SUTD undergraduate curriculum. Through the efforts of our faculty in the cluster, the large majority of Freshmore courses successfully integrate components of multidisciplinary- and active-learning especially in the signature cohort lessons to promote deeper understanding of Math and Science fundamentals while at the same time demonstrating the practical applications of the knowledge acquired in technology and design. This includes 1D and 2D Big-D projects within each course and cutting across courses of a term.

Moving forward, the Science Cluster also seeks to catalyze broader collaborative pedagogical and scientific research efforts within the university in the areas of math and the natural sciences.